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Bella Luna
Bella Luna Departure point Arusha

We have Daily shuttle bus from Arusha Tanzania to Nairobi daily Morning option

  1. The Bus departs at Bella Luna bus park on Philips road or Impala hotel
    Check inn time is between 0730 to  0745hrs
  2. We Do Shuttle Pick ups within Arusha town hotels feel free to advise your hotel at time of Shuttle bus Booking
  3. Departure from Arusha to Nairobi airport passengers are expected to Arrive at airport by 1300hrs
  4. Arusha to Nairobi city center expected time of arrival is between 2-3pm depending on traffic jam
  5. We have free seating but if have a special request on seating in the shuttle bus let us know (from leg room, wheel chair, widow seat, from seat near the driver etc)
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