Covid 19 Directives
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Shuttles Buses between Nairobi Kenya to Arusha, Moshi Tanzania

Shuttles leave from both Arusha and Nairobi at 08.00 hours and 14.00 hours each day. Though the trip on the Tanzania side of the border is shorter at 110 kilometers, the poorer state of the road makes travel time about the same as the 150 kilometer
drive on the Kenya side. Generally it is about two hours on each side of the border. The time spent at Namanga can depend on the number of people on the bus and how strict customs and immigration officials are. Also, if few fellow passengers are
without visas things might go slower. You will also stop on the Kenya side, not too far from the border. This rest stop gives you a chance to answer the call of nature, buy a cool drink and look at some last minute (or first minute) gifts.

There are several companies but we have the best choice with experience and history. The bus are 22 seater buses with a fold down seat in the aisle to make four across seating. But for private we use private Luxury Alphard cars and private buses

The route between Arusha and Nairobi has some interesting villages along the way. There is a possibility of seeing some wild animals; even perhaps giraffe as you travel. But… take a book as there are some places that may be a bit lacking excitement.

You cross between Kenya and Tanzania at the Namanga Border. This will certainly not be the most fun experience you have on your trip. Some of the border officials can be a bit self-important. Just smile and keep calm.

On the Tanzania side, the customs and immigration building is combined. Immigration is the door to the left and you are required to enter in person. You may have received an entry card or completed a roster on the bus; otherwise a card will be made available at the counter. If cards and roster are not available, you will be asked to sign a book. If you are entering Tanzania, you will have to complete the information concerning where you will stay. In this case, write ‘On Safari’ in the P. O.
Box line and the name of your first hotel stop in the physical address line.

If you do not have a visa, you will have to apply at the border. Remember that you need cash for this and the price varies depending on the nation your passport is issued from. It is best to carry U. S. Dollars in tens and twenties cash as
travellers’ cheques are not accepted for visas and change may not be available. If time permits, you should obtain visas in advance of travel. You may be required to present passport size photographs if applying for a visa, so make sure you keep
some with you. See Visa Pricing

Customs may ask that you take all of your things from the bus and bring them inside for searching. In many cases, they will only walk through the bus to see what is there. Customs might inspect both arriving and departing visitors’ luggage. As
annoying as this might be, they have to right as at any international border and cooperation and kindness usually speed things along.

On the Kenya Side, customs is far less inquisitive of tourists and often will only make a cursory inspection of the bus. They do have the authority to search bags, however; and you should assist and be honest at all times.

Kenya Immigrations is at the far end of the border, the last building you reach if entering Kenya, the first if leaving. It can be crowded and the queue system a bit confusing. You will have to complete arrival or departure cards. Your address whilst in Kenya should be the name of your hotel. If departing the same day by air, write ‘TRANSIT’.

If you have not purchased a visa in advance, you will also have to do this at the border. The fee varies. Note: If you are flying out of Kenya or Tanzania (depending on which country you are entering now) in the next two days, you should qualify for
a transit visa that is cheaper

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Travelling Requirements

            1. Covid-19 Certificate - 2 copies required
            2. Yellow fever Certificate
            3. Valid Passport or travel permit

Our provisions

          1. Santizers - prior to boarding and while on board
          2. Free Masks Take away but also requested bring own mask
          3. Fumigation of the shuttle bus done before departures
          4. Gloves-Surgical gloves take away

For convenience and efficiency, shuttle buses will only travel on every day 8am from Nairobi and 8am from Arusha only to overcome logistics in cross border travel restrictions. Shuttles will only carry 14 passengers in checking social distancing regulations.

Privately hired vehicles can travel at any time.